Who or what

we are not !


Owners or inhabitants of this Ątiny" Residence, although Françoise DE MARIDOR, the "Lady of the Castle Montsoreau" and probably one of our ancestors, lived here. Besides, we sent our ĄDE" to the guillotine during the French Revolution.


A golden husband ("mari d'or"), a goldman or relatives of the French singer Jean-Jacques Goldman.


Closely related to the French captain and pilot of the Second World-War: Jean Maridor

This national hero confered his name to the Aero-Club and the airfield of Le Havre (France), a lot of public institutions and streets of various countries...


For example, entertainment rooms, like in Notre Dame de Gravenchon (France).


For example, Rue Jean Maridor: in Paris (15th district), Sevran / France (near the ref. D3) or Berlin (Germany)...


A bed & breakfast in Roanoke (Virginia, USA) or a pension "Maison Mariedor" in Woodbrook (Port of Spain, Trinidad).


A restaurant in Framingham (Massachusetts, USA), a village in the publishing house Athal's game Aaargh....ans, a montain in the Andes (Suth America) or a lake in Gabon (Africa).


a beach (Mari-Dor Beach) in Vermilion (Ohio, USA).


Mixed spices by Nestlé SA for fish dishes or a company for painting, covering, decoration and renovation in Le Havre (France)...

But who are we then ?  More about that as soon as you click here...

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